The Bungee Cord, Evolved

How many times have you been let down by a broken or stretched out bungee cord when you needed it most?  Rubber gets brittle and breaks under most outdoor conditions.  Elastic loses its stretch.  No more failures with The Perfect Bungee, Our bungees safely stretch up to twice their original length — We Guarantee it with a lifetime warranty!

Made In The USA

And we’re proud of it!

FLEXa-PURe Material

Our products are made of our proprietary FLEXa-PURe formula (no rubber or latex) they are made to last!  Why are they perfect:  They won’t break, dry rot and will always remain stretchy.  They withstand exposure to salt water, ozone, oil even diesel fuel and perform well in a wide variety of temperature variations.  You can count on our bungee’s to last.

Guaranteed For Life

When used as directed.

Better Way To Walk Your Dog

Our leashes are designed to stretch with your dog’s natural movement, causing the material to absorb their energy, creating a smoother, more pleasurable walk for the both of you. The Perfect Leash® line has grown to include a full-length leash, heeler leash, loop leads, grooming leads, collars and dog toys.

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